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1Project Cycle ManagementHow to plan a project proposal and apply for a funding in local, regional, national or international level?
  2PCM 2.0The new phase of PCM training suitable for the participants who already know the basic steps of Project Cycle Management.
3Project Based EducationThe phases of Project focused thinking and  Access and benefits of project focused thinking for training ambiance. (The content will be planned according to needs)
4Game Based EducationThe relation between game and learning, making into a play, implementing and samples.  (The content will be planned according to needs)  
    5Intercultural LearningSettings to avoid from the problems that were experienced in multi-cultural atmosphere. (The content will be planned according to needs)
    6Career CoachingA training that provides different point of view to the career you are planning and allows you to discover yourself. A concept that is designed to understand the varieties of business life focused on values.
  7Institutional BelongingAlthough you provide all opportunities to your staff, something can go wrong. You can catch a chance to revise the relation between the employees and the institution  
  8 Being a TeamThe concept that allow each individual to see the school-student-family as a team 
  9Body Language and EducationThe concept that is designed to discover the “unseen” part of us and to use this language in training and communication.  
  10Adult EducationThe communication with adults or young-adults, the gaps of generations, principles and methdologies of adult education.
  11Being a Educator / Trainer in the New WorldThe difficulties of being a trainer in new era when training 4.0 is being spoken and a different point of view about e-training.
12Communication Communication among team atmospheres like school family and in a company.  
13Effective Presentation SkillsNew approaches on how to make effective presentation.  
14Conflict ResolutionThings that can be done to prevent the conflict and the the duties and responsibilities of the persons and the institutions to resolve the conflict in the conflict atmosphere.
15MotivationSometimes teams lose their motivation for different reasons. In this case you must your team upright with a different approach.
16Effective FeedbackFor directors and employees, it is important to create an effective feedback methodology for effective interaction atmosphere to each other. You can find all titles about administrating whole feedback process of feedback types and techniques.
17Strategic PlanningIf you aim to get speed of your institutional capacity works and to enlarge effectively and in control, you will find what you expect in this training.  
18ListeningGood communication is related with good listening. If has an appliable training content about effective listening methods and phases.
19DelegationDelegation is on of the important criterias of administration. You will find the methods, benefits and control mechanism of delegation in this training.  
20Business PlanningAt the base of doing the right work is planning it. You can reach the methods of planning at the right time and with the right way by the help of this training.