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Training Design Specialist

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PCM 2.0

Project Cycle Management(PCM) is a cycle designed via the relations of the analyses. Among this, the function of the HR is vital. We face with the new format of the PCM in today’s world. With PCM 2.0, we re-analyse the in-team communication, sources and risks. We carry out projects that are in line with our values and undertake sustainable works.

Training… Really needed?

Each training process arises out of need. So, who and how determines this need? We work in active and dynamic organisations. What kind of system do your institutions use to formulate their training demands and training plans? What are their trainings changing? In the developing and changing world, training plans also differ. Let’s target real and personal change with real, tailor-made training plans. Remember…
Changes that employees adopt and internalize always bring success.
We can do this together

VUCA World Leadership

The world is changing. But how much do you and your environment (work, family, school, social environment) change with the world ? Or is it ready for change? We will work on the tools and resources that will enable managers to accelerate their management skills in complex and changing environments, and we will have the chance to explore this new world called VUCA world together…

Get skilled and think in “projective”

Let’s plan to create a workplace culture that makes the team a living space, from management level to all other employees, for the journey that will strengthen personal skills such as effective communication, project thinking skills, project cycle management, and self-knowledge.

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