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Institutional Architecture

How do you plan your institutional architecture? Institutions that look just like a building are strengthened or weakened by external and internal influences. Effective communication of many components from vision, strategy, processes and applications will strengthen your architecture and make it aesthetic. We will look at the institutional architecture that will be displayed with all its stages and look for the answer to this question; “Is the institution earthquake resistant?“

Institutional Management

Do you run your organization with boss skills or leadership skills? Or do YOU run it? How do you shape your institutionn and company in this digitalizing world? In order to realize the strategy, let’s look at the new generation management approaches that will gain a projector’s perspective and be strengthened with coaching skills.

Gaining a “projective” view

We can ensure that your corporate works progress in a culture and develop a corporate project understanding in all hierarchies.

Creating the team as a culture

The team has many definitions. We can see different team applications in every book, article or even in companies. When we contribute to the formation of a team as a culture rather than a task or formation consciousness, its reflection on companies will be very different. An internalized team culture will also contribute to the corporate culture and bring about change.

Funding Opportunities

Today, many institutions benefit from various grant funds and provide added value to their institutional capacities. You can participate in our efforts to gain corporate competence to obtain these funds.